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In the early eighteen hundreds, Sellecks Corners was a place of small business and social activity. The Corners were named for Samuel Selleck, who was born in eighteen hundred. Samuel and his three brothers, Jonathan, Sands, and Nelson, were a part of this busy community. Samuel and Edwin, his son, had a cooper shop. Samuel had a carriage shop and a grocery store, and Sands and Nelson had a basket shop.

Edwin Selleck was concerned because there was no Sunday School nearby for the children, so he opened his house for this purpose. Since he was a religious man, he decided to give land for a church. When he was twenty-five, he and his father, Samuel Selleck, selected the site for the church. Edwin was a good stone mason and a good carpenter, and with the help of neighbors the construction of the building went well.

The little Methodist Church was opened by Edwin Selleck in 1851. He conducted the services, led the hymns, and taught a Bible class. Later he bought a small melodeon in Norwalk, Connecticut, and his daughter, who had a few lessons, played for the church.

In 1941 there was not a large enough congregation to support the church and it was disbanded. However, the decision was reversed in 1942. Ultimately there was only a Selleck Sunday Service held once a year in September. The church was managed by a committee. This annual service was continued until 1968 when it was decided to discontinue even this because of poor attendance.